03 May '03

Posted by Jerry Sat, May 03 '03

5am: What the hell am I doing here awake 4am in the morning??? Only arpoh is online… asking me to go join him play TD on TogNet, god knows how the hell can he tolerate all the glacier latency slowness of 56k modem gaming. But it’s bloody 4am I tell him, I want to go and hit the pillows and have all those little Z’s floating round my head already! And he asks me to join them for its a mahjong 3 lack 1 situation or else he’d be bored to death playing with 'lettuce birds’ (chai niao, or n00bs, or newbs, or newbies) over there. “Just one hour?? _ “ he says….

And so I give in… Fuhg. These days I need to go cold turkey against Warcraft. >_<

2pm: Someday I’m gotta get one of those free-source php tagboards, flooble just simply ain’t as fun (grumble grumble)... But still I have to try and dig out a chunk of php webhosting freespace first, sigh. Anyway, breakfast = coffee + peanut butter and cheese sandwhich, mm mmm…

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