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Posted by Jerry Fri, May 30 '03

Anyway. Hmm. Weird (say, i didn’t know the correct spelling of this word till a few days ago. flaws in me english!! Horrors!! Neways thanks chooki =D )... my blog won’t load properly. Instead it shows nothing but the title, a <, and then nada. Must be some bug bugging the templates... Probably got it messed at a daring attempt to export the BlogSpot archives via ftp so I can import them into b2, which failed miserably anyway. Why must every other blogging software installation that i’ve tried will either be clogged full of coded critters, refuse to work despite superb on-site user testimonials, is a miserable hack of its peers, is incomplete and has “BETA” in big red bold letters (metaphor speaking of course. I doubt there’d be anybody that’s so graphically-neglected and distasteful), or just plainly suck? Now am seriously converting to the tried-and-true Movable Type, but the daring little challenge sucker in me is nagging for another one with a virtually vertical learning curve… Well-hacked Post-Nuke anybody?

But I digress. Now back to the topic… If you can read this, said “text-won’t show” problem is gone (doh), fixed (doh), or got bored playing stupid little tricks on visitors a long time ago and has finally let the real blog page, ungagged and unbonded, from the closet.

Meanwhile ogle at Chooki’s new Matrix-y layout here!

And… here’s a new Matrix persona quiz, and hey, I am still Morpheus. Things that won’t change huh. =D

You are Morpheus

“You have strong faith in yourself and those around you.
A true leader, you are relentless in your persuit.”

What Matrix Persona Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Okay. Enough ranting for the day. Now back to reading PDF comp sys engineering slides before I get carried off and fail my exam on thursday miserably.

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