Posted by Jerry Sat, May 31 '03

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

now. if i knew what the heck is this OS’s about… seriously, i thought i’ve heard it all but then here’s a smiley face cigarette-puffing dudette which name i’ve never thought existed and thats supposed to be extremely far more intelligent among peers (well okay. thats one resemblance i>grin), though i don’t see any form of said brightmindedness behind that sunny grin. neways, i don’t care… now me mind is clogged full of processor microarchitecture, memory registers, data buses, boolean, bits and bytes and various other crap from comp systems engineering…

after all this slugging if i don’t get a fuhgin High Distinction in the exams am gonna cough blood and then i’ll burn the damned textbook, mix the ashes in water (with lemon tea extract for the extra zesty oomph) and pour it down me throat, like the way Taoist believers drink water with ashes of magical talismans in them. serious.

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