09 May '03

Posted by Jerry Fri, May 09 '03

Gripe. Gripe. More gripe.

I still havent upgraded my RAM and bought myself a good little Logitech optical mouse to replace that dysfunctional rodent on my desk.
I still havent got myself a domain name and decent webhosting through buggering my parents to pay via credit card.
I still havent reinstalled my one-year old Windows XP on my latop, which I wanted to since last month.
I still havent sold out my old textbooks from last year, all well-preserved and in mint condition.
I still havent found a good splash graphic which I already had in mind since a few days ago.
I still havent bought an umbrella despite being drenched every other day 6pm after lectures.
I still havent done my Java programming assignment which I cant remember when its due.
I still havent really studied since February, except the brisk little rendezvous last time.
I still havent made the 4-page poster which this time I remember is due in 3 weeks.
I still havent gotten rid of my habit of hoarding mp3s and PC game CDs.
I still havent got myself the blue chair with a nice armrest from Benny.
I still havent bought new shirts since Chinese New Year.
I still havent changed my Nokia ringtones since last year.
I still havent got six billion in a Swiss bank account.
I still havent replaced Bill Gates as CEO.
I still havent got a girlfriend.


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