22 May '03

Posted by Jerry Thu, May 22 '03

Oo-er, accidentally deleted old post. 0_o” Good thing it was just a short and completely forgetable message. Meanwhile… (read below)

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And then, not distant anymore

Posted by Jerry Mon, May 19 '03

DistantHost.com writes:

“On Saturday evening approximately 23:40 hours Alaskan Time (GMT -8:00) The server began to act very strange and began responding very sluggishly. Upon further inspection it was noted that there was a single website which was taking up approximately 70% of the servers one gig of ram as well as 60% of the central processing unit. This process kept being terminated so that the server would respond a bit evenly, yet it persisted, The server Administrator at the time of the incident took it upon themselves to try and gracefully restart the server. The server then kept dropping from shell, therefore at approximately 12:15 am Sunday morning the System administrator sent in a ticket in regards to this issue to the datacenter asking for a complete system reboot with visual confirmation of full operational standing. The result of this request was astonishing not only to the server administrator but to the owners and a several of the support personages. Whereas it was thought only to be faulty memory in fact was almost a total system corruption, memory was glitched, the hdd was failing and corrupt, however the data center placed the original 120 gig hdd as a slave and the system administrator and Roseanna and Stan went in and tried to recover as much information as possible, though in their efforts they were able to retain the personal mysql’s and some of the clients directories unfortunately before they could finish the downloads the system became unstable to the point the download failed. Components were switched the operating system was reinstalled a third time and cpanel and whm were re-installed as well. To be quite honest we are proud on how fast the server and its new system were brought back online if we had only had about 30 minutes more the entire backup should have been able to have been completed. Therefore Distanthost in it’s beliefs and mission of staying the best will in all events utilize the second hdd it purchased for the server as a system backup and look into the purchase of another hdd for more clients on this server. We thank our clients for their belief in the system and their support during these times. “

Thank god. You go guys! =D

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Spammers, haunted houses and various crap

Posted by Jerry Sun, May 18 '03

I wonder if anybody noticed that I’ve left out the old links to those “who am i“, “faq“ and other of those old crap that I used to link to… hehe. Anyway after consulting medula oblongata for approximately 0.58 seconds I’ve decided to add them back in, but of course not without a complete revamp to the new white layout. Meanwhile, version 3.00b still sticks until I get any of those surges of positive energy called enthusiasm running in the back of my head again, and occurences like that are pretty rare so… (Yeah i know its a lame excuse for a, well, excuse) Anyway, bloodied b2 refused to cooperate again! Now more php errors to solve… and I’ve seen people who haven’t experienced neither an itch throughout the installation. Crap.

A quick check mail on Mailwasher reveals 22 emails awaiting download on my TimeNet account, where 18 are from… Fuhg not those imbeciles again. >_< Been unknowingly signed up for some Pakistani Yahoo Group since December something and mass spammed with crappish poems and Islamic urdu stuff and lame Muslim jokes for months now. And seeing your whole 90% of mailbox crammed with these over a day is just one thing that won't make people happy. And what unhappy people do is unsubscribe. Yeah, should do just that. 'Tis a wonder why I didn't think of unsubscribing earlier... Hah.

Meanwhile housemate reports hearing mysterious soft knocking on the apartment’s kitchen backdoor at 1.30am. For the 3rd time. Spooky! 0_o”

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Star wars, in hokkien?!

Posted by Jerry Sat, May 17 '03

Speaking of Star Wars, check out this audio file… Do note: Not for those who can’t appreciate crappy humour… =D

Luke: Aaaaa… wai chio ah!
Darth Vader: Luke, teh wa chi o o yi beng
(or something, I dont know hokkien well)
Luke: Ah tak ku ku ah?
Darth Vader: Luke, wo a xi nin lao beh.
Luke: Boh ku ling! Boh ku ling! Wo lao beh si liao!
Darth Vader: (blurry stuff, can’t hear clearly, thought I know the meaning)
Luke: Aaaahhhhhhhh…..!

Crappy translation no? Anyway you have to hear it for yourself for sure… here.

Meanwhile, I am Morpheus! W00t!


You are Morpheus, one of the leaders of the Resistance. And suffice to say, you are one bad-ass mofo. You can kick the One’s ass, you can break through walls, and you can somehow survive truth serum and torture. My hats off to you! Charismatic and a great leader, you can inspire your peers to attempt the impossible, and make it possible. Packing a katana in the sequel, you should be seeing pleeenty of action!

“You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…”

What Character From The Matrix Are You?
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Friday night blogging

Posted by Jerry Sat, May 17 '03

'Tis another weekend night. Tomorrow I’ve got some kinda workshop that somehow I got myself involved in through intervention of dear Ms Ng. “Web Objects in Java For The Apple” or something like that, 9am till 1pm. Another wasted Saturday morning’s sleep. Sigh. Weekends should be started by gaming starting from a peaceful Friday’s night, sleeping at 4am in the morning and waking up at 2pm when its all sunny and bright with a nice heartening lunch awaiting… That’s the way it should be for currently-single undergraduate males! Clubbing? Naw. Me too shy to go overdosing myself with alcohol in the bloodstream and prancing all over the place like a mad peacock, hah.

Or maybe I’m just plainly an abnormal currently-single undergraduate male. Whatever.

Anyway, only at times like this do I feel like booting up little wbloggar and jot off a post or two. And times like this don’t pop up very often except during idylic weekend nights. Which, explains my “irregularity“ (well, actually it ain’t irregular, it does have a pattern. “Weekendly“, remember? If that words exists anyway, heh) in my blog posting. Sometime I oughta specify my blog “Updated weekly” or to be more specific, updated every weekend, so that I won’t disapoint visitors that pop by now and then to check whethered I’d blogged.

And by the way I’ll try and allocate time to code my new blog so I can move in, and yeah, anybody using Tagboard? Just receivied an email saying they’ll be offering Tagboard Enhanced for free, for a catch! Gonna check out about the catch tomorrow after the class, if its worth it. Of maybe I’ll just tweak a PHP version that I have and use it. It’s free anyway, hehe.

P.S : Do reset your urls to www.buggered.tk if you want to be automatically rerouted to my new blog when its done. If you don’t mind the stupid little Dot TK popup that is. Thank you for your cooperation.

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