Long time no log. Now, backlog

Posted by Jerry Sat, Jun 28 '03

Sorry for the long long long wait before this update. Me been somewhat busy these days, been meeting up over MSN with Osis, Hikaru and the rest of the team about the website’s design. Thankfully we’ve found our web design trump card, Hikaru, meanwhile the rest of us will take over web programming of PHP and MySQL for the trackers (Well actually the job’s on Bonson, but heck, the rest of us just oughta have a job title and stand around trying to look busy aight? Heh).

Over the past week or so, 10 things in general:

  1. Classes. Nuthin’ much to elaborate on, skip.
  2. Streamyx slowdown. Again no news on the site. Lousy ISPs.
  3. Watched two deliciously funny movies off Kazaa, one bout three guys experiencing girliness for a coupla days and another’s a girl experiencing manliness for a coupla days. Both feature extremly cute chicks (O… don’t start. I’m not sexist. The word’s plucked right out of the movie what. =p ) No gifts for getting it right. Heh.
  4. Holidays nearing, countdown timer currently ticking at: 5 days 18 hours. w00t!
  5. Reaching the brink of almost-bankrupt-ness. Been eating beansprouts + tofu + cheap veggies + instant noodles as lunch/dinner so many times i can’t count. Gotta pay Ah Siang 120 bucks for compensation, meanwhile housemate owes me at least 150, ex-housemate owes me 180, deduct from wallet 28.50 for textbook and 149 for buying Warcraft III’s expansion pack next week, plus a total of hundreds of bucks of bills… (presses calculator) AGH Somebody clobber me senseless… with something soft please! XP
  6. LAN exams today (read: LAN = Lembaga Akredidasi-something Negara). Y’know, mind-numbing Malaysian studies and Moral studies. Not as if studying the former would’ve made me 10% at least more Malaysian/patriotic/land-lover/bumiputera (ugh) than before, and not as if the latter would make me holier-than-thou, but ah well. We got orders from the MOE. (rolls eyeballs)
  7. Uncovered some raving bugger’s malicious intent to spread a virus through Cari, cleverly encrypted and modified to prevent detection (Bypassed my PC-cillin!). Heh.
  8. Michelle went vacation-ing at Australia for 2 weeks. Sigh.
  9. Oliver’s coming back from London next week! Looking forward to go Starbucks and cinema hopping again with the chubby lil’ chum after all these months. Bet he’s dying to see Charlie’s Angels 2. =)
  10. Nothing. Just filling this up to make a 10. =p
Now… what should I do to fill up this bloody boring weekend…

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17 Jun '03

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jun 17 '03

Note to self: Before wbloggar releases a new version that supports Dano, never ever touch the Template button. Or risk having the finely tuned system crashing to just one little program. Well, 's good can still make posting work after porting over to Dano.

Apparently TMnet is upgrading the DSL line again for the n-th time in recent months, causing much grief among its loyal users in its wake at broadbandreports.com throughout the peninsula. Damn them. Surfing’s a crawl, Kazaa’s a slug, and everything else’s moving at glacial speed… Guess I’ve gotta stick to reading RSS news as the only form of “entertainment” for the day. =p

Hmm, so, a Malaysian Mensan wrote an antivirus program that fits a diskette and makes Norton look crappy. Uh, 'Malaysia Boleh'?

Ah liked this one. 'Twas a penguin, carefree in the South Pole. And one interesting day out of pure animal instinct it bit the hand of a human. Some bespectacled nerdy genius named Linus Torvalds. And so its likeliness spawned a super-OS that loomed shoulder-to-shoulder next to the multi-billion corp Microsoft. 'Twas the history of Linux.

And a little something amusing to end the day. Here’s something about men’s only origami, or kokigami. With an animated gif too. lol. ;)

[ Listening to: Evanescence – October ]

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15 Jun '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jun 15 '03

(looks at Start Menu clock)

5.00am. What the hell am i doing here still online? With sore wrists, sore back, sore neck and sore shoulders, a 7 hour-chat on MSN with Osis, and then suddenly I’m feeling like jotting of a line or two. But I can hardly think properly now… with almost incoherent muddy thoughts and every finger ligament literally creaking of tiredness… Gawd. Now i wish i could get some sleep. And from the distinct sounds of faked gunfire I’d reckon someone’s playing Counterstrike next door. Damn.

Hark! There goes a cockerel in the distance. (A cockerel in Bangsar? 0_o” ) Dawn has come, and the vampires must return to their coffins. or they will turn to dust! And so shall I return to the comfy bed too and sleep until the the sun sets tomorrow dusk, and the vampires can come out to play again…

Okay so that was total crap. Think i really should go sleep now before my mind flips its auto-turnoff switch and I crumble into a snoring heap onto the floor.

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Minor Revamp

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jun 12 '03

Notice: Minor sections of blog under reconstruction, possible occurences of horrible CSS effects, distorted images, misaligned text, bad scripts, incoherent combinations of html tags and ultimately, error 404s. The owner will not be held responsible for any dizziness, grief, mental instability or any physical ailments caused by inappropiate publishing. Sue Blogspot instead.

7:30pm: Quick changes here and there to tidy up ze ol’ template, trashed one or two unused scripts (i.e the somewhat useless load-page script and NedStat, since it has stopped working for months now) off into javascript purgatory, streamlined CSS (a bit), dunked XHTML in favor for HTML (criticise me unprofessionalism for not supporting the W3C, but whatever. Me got plenty of chance to do xml later when i move on to b2 anyways) for the sake of simpler editing plus lesser chance of the page genearation going haywire, stuffed all the text in a table, got rid of the messy tagboard temporarily (it’ll be back asap, well, as soon as i check out how to use dhtml to generate a dynamic mini tag window. and yep, tis’ possible), deleted some almost pretty useless stuff, shortened blog post length, and will soon introduce some colours to this bland grayscale-ness. Or maybe not.

So what do you think bout this look? Ah. I heard that. That snicker. Yeah yeah, i know it still looks boring, unglamorous, monochrome, etc etc. But heck, I’m no art designer for god’s sake. Me processor’s up there can’t differentiate graphical designing from binary numbers crunching. So spare your brainjuice from negative thoughts and spend the criticism on your town council’s project in beautifying the area’s garbage bins. Or your boy/girlfriend’s clothes. Or that pile of mess in your room. Whatever.

Now if you excuse me, me got some more work to do.

11.55pm: Bah. Why re-invent the wheel? I would’ve used a php tagboard but then can’t be sure how long my DistantHost account would be allowed to stay on their servers hogging their webspace with no real content. So, popuped chatterbox it shall be, paired with Blogger’s new RSS syndication (effects are not obvious… Can’t be sure how it works yet. Gotta await new documentation from the Pyra guys) and a lil’ rainbow Sitemeter counter. Job finished, case closed.

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Bloodied scripts

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jun 11 '03

So the DHTML Load Page script did work after all. It came out only when I was browsing using my friend’s Opera, but then doesn’t work in so-called “industry standard” IE v6.0… Sheesh.

'Twas a rotten day. The malay rice + fried potato chips in chilli + tofu + pineapple slice in fish curry + cooked ferns (Yeah, ferns. The one you see in forests and stuff. Malays eat that for your info, and as a chinese, well, just for the heck of trying it), especially the damned ferns, some still hard and uncooked, those were horrible… Shoulda stick with original plan and ate char kway tiao (with extra 'sea ham’, mm-mmm). Anyways rained like felines and hounds all over the place right when i was about to leave college after CSE practical exam, then have to stay in the boring place surfing on the claimed-to-be-ISDN college internet, which performs more like 33.6k, for some 2, 3 hours until a saviour friend brought me an umbrella. And that was almost 7 already. Wasted precious time… sigh…

Am goddamned fed-up with configuring nsPerl to work properly with movableType on the Apache that I’m going to swear I’ll never touch another damned Perl cgi script again. First, “couldn’t spawn child process”, then “can’t locate strict.pm”, then “can’t locate vars.pm” and then refuses to run because my Perl is lower version than 5.006? But then nsPerl doesn’t have Windows installer version for that yet, and I’d have to do it the ol’ PKUNZIP way… drats. Might as well give up. =p

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