Of impotency woes and proposals

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jun 10 '03

Damned blogspot ads are ruining my xhtml and enetation scripts again, second day in a row. =/

Anyway, attempt on installing b2 on the Apache web server was a success! And I thought installation was hard when i last tried, with php errors and database errors and an automatic installation system bug (Fantastico auto-installer is not fantastic. at all.) and all kinds of stuff. Heh. Minor hiccups at first, as there’s apparently was something wrong with mySQL, but a quick change to the “root” super-user solved it. Now I can blog at home and keep a offline personal diary… heh. Beats the entire purpose of blogging however, heh =D Meanwhile CGI-based MovableType insists on giving me a code-500 error, and a quick check with the error logs states 'couldn’t spawn child process'... So, does that mean my MT is 'sterile’? LOL

Sasha told me there was a stranger who popped up out of nowhere on MSN messenger, told her they were emailing each other two months ago, announced that he had come to claim her as his own, claimed that she once agreed to be his girlfriend, moaned that the girls in perak were terrible, and she’s the greatest girl he’d ever known, etc etc, fast forward mushy stuff… and proposed to her. All in one hour. And she didn’t even had the faintest spark of an idea who the heck he is. The dude must be outright desperate for sure… It’s damned amusing just seeing her reporting to me about the guy’s actions live over icq, hehe. Who asked her to be so attractive. =D

Practical exams at 3pm tomorrow, after another 2 hour session of Data Comm at 10. Off to sleep I shalt go.

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