Bloodied scripts

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jun 11 '03

So the DHTML Load Page script did work after all. It came out only when I was browsing using my friend’s Opera, but then doesn’t work in so-called “industry standard” IE v6.0… Sheesh.

'Twas a rotten day. The malay rice + fried potato chips in chilli + tofu + pineapple slice in fish curry + cooked ferns (Yeah, ferns. The one you see in forests and stuff. Malays eat that for your info, and as a chinese, well, just for the heck of trying it), especially the damned ferns, some still hard and uncooked, those were horrible… Shoulda stick with original plan and ate char kway tiao (with extra 'sea ham’, mm-mmm). Anyways rained like felines and hounds all over the place right when i was about to leave college after CSE practical exam, then have to stay in the boring place surfing on the claimed-to-be-ISDN college internet, which performs more like 33.6k, for some 2, 3 hours until a saviour friend brought me an umbrella. And that was almost 7 already. Wasted precious time… sigh…

Am goddamned fed-up with configuring nsPerl to work properly with movableType on the Apache that I’m going to swear I’ll never touch another damned Perl cgi script again. First, “couldn’t spawn child process”, then “can’t locate”, then “can’t locate” and then refuses to run because my Perl is lower version than 5.006? But then nsPerl doesn’t have Windows installer version for that yet, and I’d have to do it the ol’ PKUNZIP way… drats. Might as well give up. =p

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