Minor Revamp

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jun 12 '03

Notice: Minor sections of blog under reconstruction, possible occurences of horrible CSS effects, distorted images, misaligned text, bad scripts, incoherent combinations of html tags and ultimately, error 404s. The owner will not be held responsible for any dizziness, grief, mental instability or any physical ailments caused by inappropiate publishing. Sue Blogspot instead.

7:30pm: Quick changes here and there to tidy up ze ol’ template, trashed one or two unused scripts (i.e the somewhat useless load-page script and NedStat, since it has stopped working for months now) off into javascript purgatory, streamlined CSS (a bit), dunked XHTML in favor for HTML (criticise me unprofessionalism for not supporting the W3C, but whatever. Me got plenty of chance to do xml later when i move on to b2 anyways) for the sake of simpler editing plus lesser chance of the page genearation going haywire, stuffed all the text in a table, got rid of the messy tagboard temporarily (it’ll be back asap, well, as soon as i check out how to use dhtml to generate a dynamic mini tag window. and yep, tis’ possible), deleted some almost pretty useless stuff, shortened blog post length, and will soon introduce some colours to this bland grayscale-ness. Or maybe not.

So what do you think bout this look? Ah. I heard that. That snicker. Yeah yeah, i know it still looks boring, unglamorous, monochrome, etc etc. But heck, I’m no art designer for god’s sake. Me processor’s up there can’t differentiate graphical designing from binary numbers crunching. So spare your brainjuice from negative thoughts and spend the criticism on your town council’s project in beautifying the area’s garbage bins. Or your boy/girlfriend’s clothes. Or that pile of mess in your room. Whatever.

Now if you excuse me, me got some more work to do.

11.55pm: Bah. Why re-invent the wheel? I would’ve used a php tagboard but then can’t be sure how long my DistantHost account would be allowed to stay on their servers hogging their webspace with no real content. So, popuped chatterbox it shall be, paired with Blogger’s new RSS syndication (effects are not obvious… Can’t be sure how it works yet. Gotta await new documentation from the Pyra guys) and a lil’ rainbow Sitemeter counter. Job finished, case closed.

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