15 Jun '03

Posted by Jerry Sun, Jun 15 '03

(looks at Start Menu clock)

5.00am. What the hell am i doing here still online? With sore wrists, sore back, sore neck and sore shoulders, a 7 hour-chat on MSN with Osis, and then suddenly I’m feeling like jotting of a line or two. But I can hardly think properly now… with almost incoherent muddy thoughts and every finger ligament literally creaking of tiredness… Gawd. Now i wish i could get some sleep. And from the distinct sounds of faked gunfire I’d reckon someone’s playing Counterstrike next door. Damn.

Hark! There goes a cockerel in the distance. (A cockerel in Bangsar? 0_o” ) Dawn has come, and the vampires must return to their coffins. or they will turn to dust! And so shall I return to the comfy bed too and sleep until the the sun sets tomorrow dusk, and the vampires can come out to play again…

Okay so that was total crap. Think i really should go sleep now before my mind flips its auto-turnoff switch and I crumble into a snoring heap onto the floor.

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