17 Jun '03

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jun 17 '03

Note to self: Before wbloggar releases a new version that supports Dano, never ever touch the Template button. Or risk having the finely tuned system crashing to just one little program. Well, 's good can still make posting work after porting over to Dano.

Apparently TMnet is upgrading the DSL line again for the n-th time in recent months, causing much grief among its loyal users in its wake at broadbandreports.com throughout the peninsula. Damn them. Surfing’s a crawl, Kazaa’s a slug, and everything else’s moving at glacial speed… Guess I’ve gotta stick to reading RSS news as the only form of “entertainment” for the day. =p

Hmm, so, a Malaysian Mensan wrote an antivirus program that fits a diskette and makes Norton look crappy. Uh, 'Malaysia Boleh'?

Ah liked this one. 'Twas a penguin, carefree in the South Pole. And one interesting day out of pure animal instinct it bit the hand of a human. Some bespectacled nerdy genius named Linus Torvalds. And so its likeliness spawned a super-OS that loomed shoulder-to-shoulder next to the multi-billion corp Microsoft. 'Twas the history of Linux.

And a little something amusing to end the day. Here’s something about men’s only origami, or kokigami. With an animated gif too. lol. ;)

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