Posted by Jerry Mon, Jun 02 '03

3rd of June, DIT201 Discrete Maths, LT6-1, 2-5:10pm

That’s the code for tomorrow maths exams. LT for… er, Lecture Theatre? Me haven’t been to that off-campus building before. Takes a damned half-hour bus trip to get there! Wam-bang smack right in the middle of 2pm lunch hour! Sweaty commuters, and the general sizzling stench of sunburn comes to mind (Jeez how long is it since it last rained? Nah, those rain-seeding efforts are patethic, doesn’t count)... Well, nyways generally i’m not too worried, since things like exams that particularly involve mathematical calculations would just mean another easy A for me, heh. I’m a livin breathin walkin Precision Processor after all. =D But then… this is the one i’m feeling worse and worse about

5th June, DIT15 Comp Sys Engineering, LT6-1, 2-5:10pm

Back to memory lane it is. 's just like preparing for geography and history and… uh, what ah, moral studies (yeah, the sucker subject) back in secondary school, just as boring as it is mind-boggling, requires good memory (which i lack), requires good understanding (which thankfully i do have), requires lots of writing (which i extremely dislike), and requires a knack for the topic (electronics in this case, which i sorta have… if software counts). But i don’t have one whole year to prepare, backed up with hundreds of hours of tuition teacher consultation plus numerous reference books (ah… sasbadi and pelangi books, nostalgic memories. .=D ) plus a whole gang of similiar-minded pals to brainstorm with ideas and teachings and various stuff. All I have is just, me. 's a good thing i’m the kind of person who’s built for slugging things out ala Lone Ranger style after all. Sigh.

Oh. And i’ve finally got the da scholarship (no my name not’s in there =D )! Not too much though… $3000 is just 25% of this year’s fees. just because i’ve been slacking too much last year… never studied for maths and IT, so ended up with 0.2 CGPA less than the $6000 mark. Heartache! 0_o”

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