Long time no log. Now, backlog

Posted by Jerry Sat, Jun 28 '03

Sorry for the long long long wait before this update. Me been somewhat busy these days, been meeting up over MSN with Osis, Hikaru and the rest of the team about the website’s design. Thankfully we’ve found our web design trump card, Hikaru, meanwhile the rest of us will take over web programming of PHP and MySQL for the trackers (Well actually the job’s on Bonson, but heck, the rest of us just oughta have a job title and stand around trying to look busy aight? Heh).

Over the past week or so, 10 things in general:

  1. Classes. Nuthin’ much to elaborate on, skip.
  2. Streamyx slowdown. Again no news on the site. Lousy ISPs.
  3. Watched two deliciously funny movies off Kazaa, one bout three guys experiencing girliness for a coupla days and another’s a girl experiencing manliness for a coupla days. Both feature extremly cute chicks (O… don’t start. I’m not sexist. The word’s plucked right out of the movie what. =p ) No gifts for getting it right. Heh.
  4. Holidays nearing, countdown timer currently ticking at: 5 days 18 hours. w00t!
  5. Reaching the brink of almost-bankrupt-ness. Been eating beansprouts + tofu + cheap veggies + instant noodles as lunch/dinner so many times i can’t count. Gotta pay Ah Siang 120 bucks for compensation, meanwhile housemate owes me at least 150, ex-housemate owes me 180, deduct from wallet 28.50 for textbook and 149 for buying Warcraft III’s expansion pack next week, plus a total of hundreds of bucks of bills… (presses calculator) AGH Somebody clobber me senseless… with something soft please! XP
  6. LAN exams today (read: LAN = Lembaga Akredidasi-something Negara). Y’know, mind-numbing Malaysian studies and Moral studies. Not as if studying the former would’ve made me 10% at least more Malaysian/patriotic/land-lover/bumiputera (ugh) than before, and not as if the latter would make me holier-than-thou, but ah well. We got orders from the MOE. (rolls eyeballs)
  7. Uncovered some raving bugger’s malicious intent to spread a virus through Cari, cleverly encrypted and modified to prevent detection (Bypassed my PC-cillin!). Heh.
  8. Michelle went vacation-ing at Australia for 2 weeks. Sigh.
  9. Oliver’s coming back from London next week! Looking forward to go Starbucks and cinema hopping again with the chubby lil’ chum after all these months. Bet he’s dying to see Charlie’s Angels 2. =)
  10. Nothing. Just filling this up to make a 10. =p
Now… what should I do to fill up this bloody boring weekend…

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