Posted by Jerry Sun, Jun 08 '03

Woohoo… one day past hellish engineering exams, a 48-hour deadline to pass up a refined php script for somebody’s cousin’s master degree’s project (plagiarism at work!), plus a forum meeting to discuss setting up malaysia’s first BitTorrent club site, plus more than 8 hours of sleep per day (finally!) I couldn’t have possibly felt better! Now, gotta look up on how to install MovableType first…

Meanwhile here’s some sites that you can legally steal those cute little 'Powered by [something]' buttons from!
Steal this buttons!
Kalsey’s Button Maker
or get the php script from minimal verbosity.

And speaking bout scripts, see the 'Listening to' thingy at the end of this post? It’s a plugin for wbloggar to use. Available in 3 different flavours: Winamp 3, Winamp 2, and Windows Media Player. Go snag a copy now!

To-Do List today and tomorrow

1. Study Movable Type
2. Upload movable type
3. Another informal meeting with Osis and Fish, discuss and talk crap
4. Finish my monthly mp3 downloading spree
5. Help Gavin buy his $2000 PC parts
6. Buy new nokia casing (cracked yesterday. =p )
7. Buy a new bottle of coffee powder
8. Get more sleep

[Listening to: DJ Ross – Emotion (3:12)

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