Triad? Those chinese 'gangstah' stuff ar?

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jun 09 '03

Out of pure curiosity I’ve installed PHPTriad from, which in return installs Apache Web Server, PHP, Perl, and MySQL on the comp. And without a hitch too. Not even a burp, or prompt for me to choose which directory to install to. (Well, fool-proof at best i guess) Now I can finally test install Movable Type and various scripts on the PC without needing to go through the tedious process of booting up CuteFTP, racking my brains to remember that 14-character password, uploading the few megabytes of files, chmod, and cross fingers doing a quick prayer as I invoke the script installation page. But the fact that just running the mySQL database eats up a whole 30++mb chunk of RAM makes me gulp and wipe some cold sweat off me forehead (RAM!! I gotta buy more RAM!!).

Data Communications lecture at 2pm (get to see spiky-hair Mr Matthews, lol), meetup wif Kavix by 1pm first to discuss on the subject to write about on our Data Communications poster project. After class get back to installing MT on the PC and take it for a test-drive, then afterwards go and do my “guru” thing on Cari for charity’s sake.

20 mins left, better not sit here idly or i’m gonna get trashed. =p

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