Of impotency woes and proposals

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jun 10 '03

Damned blogspot ads are ruining my xhtml and enetation scripts again, second day in a row. =/

Anyway, attempt on installing b2 on the Apache web server was a success! And I thought installation was hard when i last tried, with php errors and database errors and an automatic installation system bug (Fantastico auto-installer is not fantastic. at all.) and all kinds of stuff. Heh. Minor hiccups at first, as there’s apparently was something wrong with mySQL, but a quick change to the “root” super-user solved it. Now I can blog at home and keep a offline personal diary… heh. Beats the entire purpose of blogging however, heh =D Meanwhile CGI-based MovableType insists on giving me a code-500 error, and a quick check with the error logs states 'couldn’t spawn child process'... So, does that mean my MT is 'sterile’? LOL

Sasha told me there was a stranger who popped up out of nowhere on MSN messenger, told her they were emailing each other two months ago, announced that he had come to claim her as his own, claimed that she once agreed to be his girlfriend, moaned that the girls in perak were terrible, and she’s the greatest girl he’d ever known, etc etc, fast forward mushy stuff… and proposed to her. All in one hour. And she didn’t even had the faintest spark of an idea who the heck he is. The dude must be outright desperate for sure… It’s damned amusing just seeing her reporting to me about the guy’s actions live over icq, hehe. Who asked her to be so attractive. =D

Practical exams at 3pm tomorrow, after another 2 hour session of Data Comm at 10. Off to sleep I shalt go.

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Triad? Those chinese 'gangstah' stuff ar?

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jun 09 '03

Out of pure curiosity I’ve installed PHPTriad from PHPGeeks.com, which in return installs Apache Web Server, PHP, Perl, and MySQL on the comp. And without a hitch too. Not even a burp, or prompt for me to choose which directory to install to. (Well, fool-proof at best i guess) Now I can finally test install Movable Type and various scripts on the PC without needing to go through the tedious process of booting up CuteFTP, racking my brains to remember that 14-character password, uploading the few megabytes of files, chmod, and cross fingers doing a quick prayer as I invoke the script installation page. But the fact that just running the mySQL database eats up a whole 30++mb chunk of RAM makes me gulp and wipe some cold sweat off me forehead (RAM!! I gotta buy more RAM!!).

Data Communications lecture at 2pm (get to see spiky-hair Mr Matthews, lol), meetup wif Kavix by 1pm first to discuss on the subject to write about on our Data Communications poster project. After class get back to installing MT on the PC and take it for a test-drive, then afterwards go and do my “guru” thing on Cari for charity’s sake.

20 mins left, better not sit here idly or i’m gonna get trashed. =p

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Posted by Jerry Sun, Jun 08 '03

Woohoo… one day past hellish engineering exams, a 48-hour deadline to pass up a refined php script for somebody’s cousin’s master degree’s project (plagiarism at work!), plus a forum meeting to discuss setting up malaysia’s first BitTorrent club site, plus more than 8 hours of sleep per day (finally!) I couldn’t have possibly felt better! Now, gotta look up on how to install MovableType first…

Meanwhile here’s some sites that you can legally steal those cute little 'Powered by [something]' buttons from!
Steal this buttons!
Kalsey’s Button Maker
or get the php script from minimal verbosity.

And speaking bout scripts, see the 'Listening to' thingy at the end of this post? It’s a plugin for wbloggar to use. Available in 3 different flavours: Winamp 3, Winamp 2, and Windows Media Player. Go snag a copy now!

To-Do List today and tomorrow

1. Study Movable Type
2. Upload movable type
3. Another informal meeting with Osis and Fish, discuss and talk crap
4. Finish my monthly mp3 downloading spree
5. Help Gavin buy his $2000 PC parts
6. Buy new nokia casing (cracked yesterday. =p )
7. Buy a new bottle of coffee powder
8. Get more sleep

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03 Jun '03

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jun 03 '03

Brought to ye by the guy from MatrixEssays.com... (drumrolls) (insert trumpet and orchestra movie premiere music) (display a lion roaring) (insert sounds of film whirring)

The Matrix: ReSeussed (If “The Matrix: Reloaded” had been written by Dr. Seuss)

(films flickers)

NEO:         I am the One and I am free.
             The Oracle is fond of me.
             I need that dude who makes the key.
MEROVINGIAN:  You only dream that you are free,
             Look all around -- causality:
             It's in the wine, it's in the steak,
             It's in this chocolate cake I bake.
             See yonder blonde? She sure looks fine.
             One bite of cake, and she'll be mine.
             Then in the restroom where we're meeting,
             You can guess what she'll be eating.
             So, goodbye.
NEO:         But I am free,
             And he is not the boss of me!
PERSEPHONE:   He is a pig, she is a whore,
             I've seen this scene twelve times before.
             The tricks he's pulled, the lies he's said --
             I'll shoot his werewolf in the head!
             I'll fix him good for being sly;
             I'll give you the key maker guy.
             But first, a kiss to seal the deal;
             Just make me feel that it's for real.
NEO:         This bargain does have some appeal . . 
             OK, a kiss, and now we're through.
PERSEPHONE:   I'm very cute, curvaceous too,
             Is that the best that you can do?
             It must be true, the things they say --
             The tabloid stories that you're . . .
NEO:         Hey!
             Let's try again, you are a hottie.
             Here's a kiss that's really naughty.
             (Trinity will hate this night.
             She'll bring it up each time we fight.)
PERSEPHONE:   Now, that was better, way to go!
             I feel a tingle, head to toe.
             Let's have another.
TRINITY:      Back off, ho!
             Or taste a bullet from my gun.
PERSEPHONE:   Too bad you're with her, she's no fun.
             Well, come with me, we won't get caught.
             I'll let you in my secret spot:
             A steamy, dark place down below,
             A tunnel deep in my chateau.
MORPHEUS:     Could this be symbolism?
TRINITY:      No.
PERSEPHONE:   Come through this door and take a peek.
             This little guy is the locksmith geek.
KEYMAKER:     I've got the keys to every lock.
             I jingle-jangle when I walk!
NEO:          And can you get me to the Source?
KEYMAKER:     I have that key. Of course!  Of course!
             I'm on your side, just don't take me
             Through airport gate security.

(First published at http://matrixessays.blogspot.com
This poem may be freely reproduced if it is unchanged
and this notice is included.)

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Posted by Jerry Mon, Jun 02 '03

3rd of June, DIT201 Discrete Maths, LT6-1, 2-5:10pm

That’s the code for tomorrow maths exams. LT for… er, Lecture Theatre? Me haven’t been to that off-campus building before. Takes a damned half-hour bus trip to get there! Wam-bang smack right in the middle of 2pm lunch hour! Sweaty commuters, and the general sizzling stench of sunburn comes to mind (Jeez how long is it since it last rained? Nah, those rain-seeding efforts are patethic, doesn’t count)... Well, nyways generally i’m not too worried, since things like exams that particularly involve mathematical calculations would just mean another easy A for me, heh. I’m a livin breathin walkin Precision Processor after all. =D But then… this is the one i’m feeling worse and worse about

5th June, DIT15 Comp Sys Engineering, LT6-1, 2-5:10pm

Back to memory lane it is. 's just like preparing for geography and history and… uh, what ah, moral studies (yeah, the sucker subject) back in secondary school, just as boring as it is mind-boggling, requires good memory (which i lack), requires good understanding (which thankfully i do have), requires lots of writing (which i extremely dislike), and requires a knack for the topic (electronics in this case, which i sorta have… if software counts). But i don’t have one whole year to prepare, backed up with hundreds of hours of tuition teacher consultation plus numerous reference books (ah… sasbadi and pelangi books, nostalgic memories. .=D ) plus a whole gang of similiar-minded pals to brainstorm with ideas and teachings and various stuff. All I have is just, me. 's a good thing i’m the kind of person who’s built for slugging things out ala Lone Ranger style after all. Sigh.

Oh. And i’ve finally got the da scholarship (no my name not’s in there =D )! Not too much though… $3000 is just 25% of this year’s fees. just because i’ve been slacking too much last year… never studied for maths and IT, so ended up with 0.2 CGPA less than the $6000 mark. Heartache! 0_o”

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