16 Jul '03

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jul 16 '03

I wonder why the heck I keep forgetting to publish this post after typing in this entry last week in wbloggar. It doesn’t mean much loss to me, but I suppose it means that I slowly dropping out of blogging business. =p Anyways, here goes.

July 9th – They say Life’s a Joke

It is. And while Fate, Future, Knowledge and the rest of the sub-deities have doubled over smirking, smiling, giggling guffawing or whatever way it is to express amusedness on a supposedly funny story, it’s mostly bland, tasteless and hurts horribly to the mortal victim. Personally as the ignorant dude who spends 99% of his time devoted to himself and his grey stuff up there I wouldn’t have given a damn unless the joke’s on my buddy, or worse, on me. And when the latter was realised yeterday i can’t help but sneer and give a birdie to Life, wish it brutally clubbed with a plastic keyboard and chopped into bite size chunks for soup. Without harming the subject which contains said life of course, i’d be behind bloody bars then, and as a well-suppressed law aiding citizen i wouldn’t want that, me got 80 years of future to go.

But back to the topic. Firstly pulled a back muscle when carrying a heavy backpack and a heavier bag on the way to Pudu bus station. Not being to turn backwards to check who’s snuck up on me (maybe with a small kitchen knife with stockings pulled over head for added effect) is no important matter and I can live without doing that, but having the constant pain giving the brain a quick naughty jab every few minutes or so 4am in the morning is the best recipe for extending a fuhged bad day for a second day.

Then, got ripped off on a taxi to the bus station. The bloody meter must be bloody rigged, heck, rush-hour it may be but when I live in a place where I can actually see my destination less than 10km away, How the fuhg could a little taxi trip cost 12 bucks?! Sheesh.. I could travel cross-city, even back and forth 4 times with that much money dagnamit! Ironically first minute in taxi when I saw the driver was chinese I thought, “Oh. Great. Chinese. Gonna get ripped off. Methinks 6 bucks.” Never would I’ve thought my psychic powers were actually both 100% and 50% correct that time. Next time if I see that dude taking his taxi to Bangsar I’d smack that sly grin of his face.

But apparently Life hadn’t finished his joke and reached the punch line yet. Just now, I just lost possession of a few bucks. Later, somehow between exiting the taxi and exiting the bus, I lost my whole goddamned wallet! At least 50 bucks cash, IC, driving licence, college student card, ATM card, cyber cafe membership card, collectible photo cards (Bloody 9 bucks each! With my friends’ faces on them! Sigh), calendars ranging from 2001 to 2003, a dozen shopping receipts (I have a habit of stuffing stuff into my wallet), and (gasp) a blank check signed by my father! By no doubt parental response were nowhere near positive. Now I have to go to the trouble to make a police report, replace the cards, and recover some cash. Ugh. And so much for intending to getting my hands on Frozen Throne today. (sulk)

On the positive side though, I could finally replace my IC and college student card with that terrible looking photo. Uh… now that didn’t feel funny too. =p I wish I stayed, attended the replacement class today on Wednesday, foolishly hoping that perhaps if I didn’t board that damned bus I wouldn’t have been so damned these days. But all done is done, and heck, it’s been a week now, so, in perfectly traditional “My Way” of dealing with it now,

Ah heck. Life goes on.

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Just a thought

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jul 02 '03

If me daily habit of CariGuru™-ing, that is, logging onto Cari, pausing for 0.5 seconds to check if there’s the ol’ “ding-dong” doorbell .wav as page loads (audible sign of forum instant messages from buddies in store for me), instantly hopping over to the “Internet” section, reading through each and every new post and replying 80% of them (rough estimation, real-world statisitcs might vary), (back to the topic) was billed on a per-hour and per-post basis i.e “Technical Forum Support Guy”, I’d be generating enough funds to pay part of my college fees now. =p

(in a kid’s voice) Maybe when I grow up I wanna be a real Customer Support guy! =D

Or considering the constant headaches and developing carpal tunnel, maybe not. Now, hmm… (looks for a pencil to nibble) back to my 2006th post…

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