Just a thought

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jul 02 '03

If me daily habit of CariGuru™-ing, that is, logging onto Cari, pausing for 0.5 seconds to check if there’s the ol’ “ding-dong” doorbell .wav as page loads (audible sign of forum instant messages from buddies in store for me), instantly hopping over to the “Internet” section, reading through each and every new post and replying 80% of them (rough estimation, real-world statisitcs might vary), (back to the topic) was billed on a per-hour and per-post basis i.e “Technical Forum Support Guy”, I’d be generating enough funds to pay part of my college fees now. =p

(in a kid’s voice) Maybe when I grow up I wanna be a real Customer Support guy! =D

Or considering the constant headaches and developing carpal tunnel, maybe not. Now, hmm… (looks for a pencil to nibble) back to my 2006th post…

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