G'bye Kay'el

Posted by Jerry Fri, Jul 01 '05

Lugging behind myself a bag stuffed 3-feet high with the last of my wardrobe, cables and adapters and boxes of various gear I’ve acquired over the 4 years of undergraduate life, and a whole Metro plastic bag full of random junk (I probably looked hilarious enough: A young man, with the stature not unlike a household bamboo pole, walking along the Pudu streets slinging an insanely-huge luggage over his shoulder), I left cozy Bangsar 8am in the morning and board the KL-JB bus. Though I haven’t been really attached to the city, it still feels a bit sad. If plans go well I probably won’t be back in the near foreseeable future.

Ahh~ the things I’ll miss (glorious glorious food, the geek’s heaven in Low Yat, the malls, the clubs, and the food! Have I mentioned food?)... and things I surely won’t miss (horrible city air, horrible city buses, horrible crowds every single inch of commercial land). Crossing my fingers and hoping for the better in Perth.

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Posted by Jerry Thu, Jun 30 '05

Thinks: Oh right, I should blog.
(boot up wbloggar)
(looks at his new Zen Micro next to the laptop)
(oogles at the mp3 player for the 9999-th time)
(fiddles with it and starts playing Gorillaz all over again)
(somehow managed to get tangled in a wirey mess with the earphones)
(spends another 10 minutes untangling self, then plays with the audio settings for another 5)
(gets too engrossed and drools dumbly holding the lil’ gadget for another hour and forgets what he was supposed to do in the first place)
Thinks: .... =D (is in too much bliss to think of anything otherwise)

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Posted by Jerry Wed, Jun 29 '05

All it ever takes is this: while lying half asleep in bed, your mind slowly wanders off, and think of a certain important event. You wonder about the date, and with little effort recall them. Subconsciously you do math on it, and understand that it’s is approx. n days from now. Still, no worries, yet. Then, you think about things before, then, after, and now.

And hell breaks loose.

Oh god, I can’t sleep. Somebody clobber me.

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English Genius

Posted by Jerry Tue, Jun 28 '05

So I was told from this word test that I:

did so extremely well, even I can’t find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don’t. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you’re not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!
I scored 92% Beginner, 92% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 80% Expert
Compared to other people of my age and gender:
You scored higher than 35% on Beginner
You scored higher than 25% on Intermediate
You scored higher than 51% on Advanced
You scored higher than 71% on Expert

But seriously, does it take a genius to answer the questions above? Most of pure common sense, some are just sly word play, and a few are those adverb/adjective/noun rules that’re listed in primary school textbooks. I’m not surprised that I didn’t get full marks though (though a little embarrassing to commit the most novice mistakes, lol), I never paid much attention to grammar rules taught in class. For me, writing is only to toss a handful of alphabets into the brain soup and let the course of nature slow rearrange themselves as they would look best, sentence by sentence, a little like construction blueprints. (Or a little more like asking 1000 monkeys with typemachines to collectively write the Bible.) Call me ignorant, call me defiling the language, call me low and uneducated, but gee, as long as you bring the point across, is it not sufficient enough? Still, that would explain why my style is different than most of other casual writers, and can be a tad confusing at times. Some say I’m damn impressive (am I? never thought so), some say I’d be good in cryptic poems and haiku, while some say I’m good in churning out nonsense.

On the other hand, man, I used to suck at english speaking. Even though as a kid I read a lot, got excellent scores in english written tests, being brought up in in a standard chinese family, educated in a Chinese primary school, where everyone speaks chinese, and in a national secondary school, where 50% speaks chinese and the other 50% malay, obviously didn’t help.

By Form 3 (Edit: or was it 6th Grade? I can’t really remember which one was it =P) some of us would go for ASEAN Scholarship trials, where the first session would consist of an IQ test, an english essay and maths. I made it to 2nd session, the interview. Now I know the judges were definitely impressed by my essay (As usual, I avoided the discussion topics and chose fiction) and maybe by my IQ results too, but still… my oral sucks. And no talk english good = no suit singapore environment good. Soo, here I am, you probably know the rest of the drill. Non-ASEAN applicant, australian degree under-graduate, with still no apparent indication of succeeding Bill Gates’ in the near future.

And the government is still clueless as to why so many fresh graduates (fyi, at present 90% of unemployed graduates are from local universities, 10% overseas, with most of them being malay), are incapable of finding a job. 'Race’ part of the discussion aside, let’s just take a quick peek into our uni’s. Lecturer’s nationality: Indonesian. Spoken: Malay. Textbooks: Malay. And since there’s so many malay students, Language where Students Converse Most In: Malay. Hello menteri-menteri sekalian? Are you still wondering why your students never get to dip their toes, lest survive, in the corporate world?

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Posted by Jerry Mon, Jun 27 '05

I admit, I’m a sucker for no, I’m a whore for features. Whether it’s mere lookit-what-my-program-can-do in softwares and computer games and design, or overpriced gadgets (you know, the ones you see on afternoon TV adverts aiming to convince some mama-san her life isn’t worth living if she doesn’t own a Super-Duper 1000-horsepower Triple-Razor Shredder-Blender-Whatchacallit-Cutter, all for the price of $199.99!), i’ll be the one in all fan-boy mode, slurping up the feature list, plus the 'ooh-aah’s, minus the drool (We’re a civilized society, so let’s at least be hygienic fanboys). I’d triple-check for new extensions daily for my Mozilla Moongrub / Supermonkey / Spacefrog / Junglecow (generated by none other than Firesomething), I check and download each Azureus CVS build, and I absolutely obsess over each and every new revision of the Aesir project (which I’m not going to post a link here, sorry), tracked by CIA.

One thing that probably sets me apart from the stereotypical example of a homo sapiens male-ous geek-us species (Commonly found prowling the lush grounds of Lowyat, hunting for prey — homo sapiens noob-icious, a defenseless but rapid-breeding species that travels in huge packs) is I just don’t bother about hardware. I mean, triplo-quadro-buffering-core-what? As an IT guy am I expected to be knowing these stuff by heart? I’ve been stuck with a laptop ever since I owned a computer, and you can’t upgrade laptops anyway, so who cares about triplo-quadro-buffering-cores?1 The only gripe I got with my baby is it blatantly refuses to run any games made in this decade… but ah, did someone not say, “Love = Toleration?”

As I continue to write about gadgets some awful thought starts to stir. No, no, my will is strong. I will not give in. But it is too powerful… powers so great its unfathomable by mortal mind… No, no, I have guarded it for a year, and I will continue to…! But just think of its… features... the capabilities it promises… just think of the satisfaction each and every member of the Legion that have embraced it speaks of… yessss… just type it out… there you go… one word at a time… omg I can’t hold it in..! Too late… must write it down…!


1. Unfortunately, no one still ever believes what I say when I explain in detail why I can’t help him/her with deciding computer components to buy, or what exactly is the difference between Intel and AMD, or why did I recommend them to buy a dozen EDO ram sticks and stuff it plastic wrapping and all in their CD-ROM to stand for three days two nights… and three out of four times I get passed off as a selfish bastard who doesn’t want to part with his oh-so-precious knowledge. Oh well. At least they got the doesn’t want to part with knowledge part correct.

2. The author has not been harmed in any way during the production of this blog post, and does not suffer from insanity or other psychological disorders of any kind. Please do not bother to contact if you are a member of the Psychology Club looking for show-and-tell subjects, or a part-time Christian looking forward to trying out exorcism methods in Constantine, or undercover detectives looking for clues to the last Creative mp3 player theft case.

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