Blog? Is it some African delicacy?

Posted by Jerry Sat, Jun 25 '05

I remember my dad asking something along the lines of “do you know what is a blog”, and “do you have a blog” not too long ago (Yes after 3 years of keeping this thing I haven’t told my dad about it before. =P), and then he stated calmly, “I think I should start my own blog… you know, posting about politics and things.” My jaw fell. I mean, no offense, but the thought of 54-year-old Dad suddenly going for mere 'IT-knowledgable’ to 'almost l33t’ is just… jaw-dropping. What happened to the times you could feel a little 'special’ because none of the people you’ve met ever blogs, or even heard of blogging? What happened to the times you could laugh at some poor fool who thinks 'blogging’ is some sort of physical activity that involves… logs in bogs? Ah well, times do move on.

I’ve always wondered how is life like to be a robber/thief/criminal. Do they wake up night after night clutching their blankets breaking cold sweat just as some thug was about to put that insanely huge club right about their head in their dreams? Does guilt ever come to them? Or do they actually desire it, looking forward to the next opportunity like a drug addict to his fix? From the wagon almost reads like a dumbed down hippie-ized version of 'The Talented Mr. Ripley’ (Okay. I admit, I don’t know other first-person-perspective criminal books other than Ripley =P)... but its just feels too fictitious. Or perhaps its just me being too I’m-too-Holy-to-do-Evil. Oh whatever.

Speaking of blogs, sites like these popping up everywhere are just plain lame. So the world’s greatest search engine does index and provide access to your blog, and there are people as bored as I am to spam the 'Next Blog’ button and surf through pages and pages of the usual boy-girl-love-hate-relationship postings, the occasional interesting reads and sites that even I can’t make out a word of… but man, is there any real point to adding more spammage to our already bloated internet?

Anyway, (cough) enough pointless ranting, updated the comments Javascript, kudos to Browservulsel, fixed the archives’ cookies script, and let’s see, next on list…. Template. Oh fug, I hate art design.

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