G'bye Kay'el

Posted by Jerry Fri, Jul 01 '05

Lugging behind myself a bag stuffed 3-feet high with the last of my wardrobe, cables and adapters and boxes of various gear I’ve acquired over the 4 years of undergraduate life, and a whole Metro plastic bag full of random junk (I probably looked hilarious enough: A young man, with the stature not unlike a household bamboo pole, walking along the Pudu streets slinging an insanely-huge luggage over his shoulder), I left cozy Bangsar 8am in the morning and board the KL-JB bus. Though I haven’t been really attached to the city, it still feels a bit sad. If plans go well I probably won’t be back in the near foreseeable future.

Ahh~ the things I’ll miss (glorious glorious food, the geek’s heaven in Low Yat, the malls, the clubs, and the food! Have I mentioned food?)... and things I surely won’t miss (horrible city air, horrible city buses, horrible crowds every single inch of commercial land). Crossing my fingers and hoping for the better in Perth.

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