From Down Under part III

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jul 20 '05

It’s hard tuning my old 'ADSL Junkie’ habits while adapting to life down here. Going back on dialup is like trying out a surfboard in the community’s kiddie pool. I’m already itching for more Trinity Blood, Speed Grapher, Naruto (Before anyone starts ranting about how bad the anime currently is, yes yes, I’ve heard it a thousand and one times, but shrug it’s a bit of a waste not to catch up after watching 100+ episodes, no?) and Bleach (ditto), but Bittorrent on dialup? Forget it.

I’m still looking for some alternatives for me to keep updated with Podcasts. Using my own account – Bad idea, unless I want to exhaust my quota just over a week of Adam Curry. Bringing my laptop over to Xan’s place is no longer viable – the unquota-ed proxy he found got busted. Found nifty little Podcatcher-on-a-Stick, but it doesn’t work in-campus unless they add a HTTP Proxy option anytime soon.

And I don’t want to download any software and install it on the library computer I’m on now… god knows what other 'thou shalt not download any content unrelated to thy course’ rules have I broken by now.

In other news, apparently most of my University study plans are pretty fubar-ed. I cannot choose a major, as most of the subjects taken in Tolong aren’t specifically credited, and if I still insist, would have to take a handful of extra subjects. Another AUD$1xxxx? No thanks, but I’m broke. I’ll still have to see Janet, my advisor, on Thursday, and Paul, who (no offense) didn’t seem to offer any help during consultation, on Friday.

Oo-er. Starting to feel a bit chilly as the couple on the computers to my right start to warm up.

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