Quickie Backlog

Posted by Jerry Thu, Jul 07 '05

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week, been too busy preparing for Sunday. My visa’s finally done, so is my plane ticket, now the only thing left is packing. (shudders) God, I hate the stuffing-everything-nicely-somewhere part of traveling. Who said all Virgo men are tidy bespectacled white collars who’d categorize their socks by the pattern? The stars were right about the obsessive perfectionism part at least: I absolutely obsess over perfecting my art of untidyness, a practice so subtle so Zen-ish it is an art form no mortal man can comprehend!

But I digress.

I’m still a bit worried about the check-in-check-out part, me being the kampung boy who’s never travelled overseas alone before (driving over to Thailand when I was living in Penang didn’t count, I was too small to remember that anyway). I just hope my luggage doesn’t suddenly decide it would like to drop by pre-Olympics London for a quick visit while leaving me stranded in the terminal for 13 years.

It’s always amusing to read the referral keywords that lead to your own site, especially those you’ve never intended. There’s the notorious Holiday Plaza, Star Wars in hokkien, Gloomy Sunday (The thought of Bjork always reminds me of the 'limp swan look’... amagad! My eyes!!), and my Super-Duper 1000-horsepower Triple-Razor Shredder-Blender-Whatchacallit-Cutter, whatever the original context was. What’s next? Vogon Trillian Orgy Buttsez?

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