90% of the blogosphere is crap

Posted by Jerry Fri, Aug 26 '05

Sturgeon’s Law says “90% of everything is crud (aka crap)”. I agree, but this is what I wanted to say: 90% of the blogosphere is crap. Internet enthusiasists says that the word 'blogosphere’ itself is overused/overrated/crap. I agree too.

If you’re a fellow blogger, no offense. I’m just pointing out the obvious. Heck, to you this post might’ve got categorized into the 90% litter bin before you’ve even finished the first paragraph too.

Maybe I haven’t been venturing into a lot the top crusts part where higher blogger beings rant about things of a higher purpose enough to see that there’s actually more than a 10% worth reading, in fact, I suspect my rating of 90% is way underrated – but look, I’ll just let you see an example.

Time since release of Google Talk = 3 days.
Look for posts in Petaling Street about release of Google Talk. Noticed a pattern?
Now look for unique posts about Google Talk – i.e not something that goes “wow its true!!11one”, “me like”, “it’s good”, “it does not work gripe gripe” as so on and so forth, but perhaps comments about its useability, musings about how the rumours came true, et cetera.

Caught my drift yet?

The internet was designed as a cache for information, a repository of digitized knowledge. Pockets of mini-networks build up over time around topics of interest, such as our dear aforementioned Google Talk. My point is, there is way too much duplicate and, depending on how you see it, pointless information. To like-minded peers each of the 10,000 reviews from Paris Hilton fan blogs may be invaluable. But to the rest of the non-pop-inspired population, would you care about the 1000th post of her pet dog Tinkerbell getting dumped?

When was the last time you’ve Googled for something, and the first page shows completely irrelevant results, with a whole page of them being blogs? Quod erat demonstrandum, that is.

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