Frozen Massaman Curry Sandwhich

Posted by Jerry Thu, Aug 04 '05

Ideal for the average stuck-in-foreign-country Asian student, who’s either looking for a 5-minutes lunch that doesn’t even need heating up, or too stingy to buy effing-expensive instant noodles!br />

1 bowl massaman curry left some time in fridge
(dhal or any thick sauce frozen until jelly-like works as well)
2-4 slice sandwhich slices (white or wholemeal)
  1. Hunt in fridge for curry. Sniff to check if it’s gone sour.

  2. Spoon out frozen curry and smother generously on sandwhich slices.

  3. Enjoy. Wash down with strong coffee to mask the possibly bad taste.
Not for the weak-stomached though.

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