SafePassport greasemonkey script

Posted by Jerry Thu, Aug 04 '05

Had nothing better to do wallowing about in the warm little university library while logging on MSN Web Messenger over my laptop on Wifi – and then I realise its bloody troublesome to click on “Sign in using enhanced security” every time. Why couldn’t the guys over at Redmond put extra security as a default, or heaven forbid, at least save my choices with cookies?

FYI, eavesdropping on data sent over Wifi is very easy. Curious what the cute girl in the next sofa is doing on her shiny Dell? Boot up a 'sniffing’ program, and you might even get to read her email.

Anyway, back to topic. It didn’t take too long to realise the only difference between both login pages is just http:// and https://. And what else to automagicalize this process none other than a Greasemonkey script?

A 5-minute affair of copy-paste-edit (1-liner code is from SecureGmail) ensues, and here we go: SafePassport.

What it does is change


with 128-bit SSL enabled.

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