Internet woes

Posted by Jerry Thu, Dec 28 '06

Yesterday, (well, the day before yesterday night before the day that was yesterday) I’ve finally got to fire up good old Azureus (I’m tempted to add 'fat and gluttonous’, but I don’t want to get impaled with a ten-foot pole by Java enthusiasts… but I digress) after a good one year hiatus, for the new Ghost in the Shell movie, which I’ve wanted to get for quite a long time now. And it was… slow. Average of 10kb/s, constantly dropping off… and then today, nothing. 0 bytes. No peers. Zilch. Nada. Uh, what’s going on?

Lowyat’s news forums had the latest scoop on what went horribly wrong: Yesterday’s quakes in Taiwan damaged 5 undersea cables linking international traffic from SEA to the US. And repairs will take 3 weeks. (Zomg no internet for 3 weeks HYPERVENTILATE!) Ok, calm down. I can live with that. Tough networking veteran with many bag of tricks, I am.

Then, I’ve learned that TMnet was enforcing traffic shaping in my area since mid-2006. Just wonderful. Someone to spy on my packets and tell me I can’t use the Intarweb my way because they can’t be bothered to invest in better transport technologies. Who cares about net neutrality, yar?!

This holiday is going to suck… what on earth am I going to do with 14 GB’s of free space?!

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