I crave War... Craft

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 15 '07

Yay, I made a South Park pun. Man, I still remember last year’s summer break, where I spent 1 month hardly sleeping, only walking out of the house occasionally for classes and food, carpal tunnel, stiff backs and sore arses sitting on the floor hunching over my grimy ol’ laptop monotonously grinding for animal skins, dying, lagging (IronForge owns my laptop’s 8mb graphic card hard), raiding, wiping… And I miss my owl too. :|

Dang you Blizzard for making such a heart-renderingly addictive MMO! “I don’t think anyone realllly quits WoW.”, joked Davo. Indeed… after a whole year of not playing I still itch to log on to my Hunter again, but I didn’t have a stable enough permanent internet connection that would’ve been a necessity for any online game session that lasts at least 8 hours. And The Burning Crusade is coming out tomorrow too! Shame it got delayed… I could have been spending all my time procrastinating here rolling a Draenei. Sigh. :( Not that I could really complain though, I can imagine my CGPA if I had to divide time between course assignments, Project and WoWing. (shudder)

Gaah! BLOOD ELVES!! Must continue… resisting… temptation…

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