Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 21 '07

Watched these movies over the past few days:

Memento – One of the best plot and editing I’ve seen in ages. Great watch.

The Devil Wears Prada – Yukito liked Anne Hathaway a lot, but eh, average entertaining movie.

Borat – Despite some scenes that were somewhat unnecessary and only proved to arseholize the Borat character (dinner etiquette, subway with chicken), pretty entertaining, almost insightful, good watch. Golden Globe was worth it.

Jackass Number 2 – Okay, some of the stunts were pretty awesome; I’d want to try the fire hose if I ever get the chance. :P But the rest of the movie, really… I think my IQ just dropped by a magnitude of 20 points. Fart joke, woohoo!

Swing Girls – Cute japanese schoolgirls + swing music + feel good theme = good watch :D

Still on my to-watch list: – Happy FeetThe World’s Fastest IndianFight ClubMonty Python and the Holy Grail
and Death Note 2 – The Last Name later this week with Yukito and Kelvin.

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