New year resolutions '07

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jan 03 '07

Yes, yes, you’re supposed to write something like this days ago. I admit, I’m a lazy bastard, okay? (Note to self: correcting laziness is a good idea to start off a new year resolution…)

In no particular order:

  1. Programming – Learn, and quite possibly master 3 programming languages/environments/frameworks, one every semester, from the following list: Ruby (on Rails), Mono (I do know .NET, but that was Windows. Linux libraries CIL bindings should bring lots more possibilities… and relearning C# :D), Boo, Python (or IronPython, maybe with Django), PHP, J2EE properly (with EJB, Hibernate, Spring or Struts), or [insert any random sexy gaining popularity functional language here]. If anything, Brainfuck would be an interesting experience perhaps…
  2. Contributing to OSS – Write something for Ubuntu/Gaim/Gnome/any FOSS project with any of the above 3 languages and get it into Debian. Aim for Google Summer of Code. Apply for next year’s NICTA research scholarship.
  3. Studies – Write a kick-arse thesis, complete honours, graduate (summa) cum laude.
  4. Health – Start going to gym, proper workout, build up arms and torso, gain more weight, look less geeky.
  5. Life – Write more, even if it’s just blog drivel. Take more pictures. Get into a long-term relationship. Meet more friends. Get drunk. Have fun.

I’m pretty worried, to speak the truth. Lilian Too's fengshui book says Wood Rats will be facing hardship this year, although we’ll persevere. I don’t believe in fengshui as much as agnostics believe in a higher being, but it’s… depressing, no? We’ll see what happens in 12 months, and then I can write “2007 in review”. :p

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