On Thud! and books

Posted by Jerry Sat, Jan 06 '07

I don’t understand why books in Australia are 3 times the price of back in Malaysia. Going Postal was $30-ish AUD the last time I checked at… Borders? at Toowong Plaza, but I bought Thud! (which was a great read. Constantly reflecting off of our world, but not skipping a beat in Pratchett’s trademark humour.) for $34.95 RM here in JB… that’s a 2.7 times difference! Do they print and publish all these books themselves or something? Surely they could have at least imported cheap lumber from SE Asia, I’m sure our economy wouldn’t mind a boost in exports revenue right now, we all know where it’s heading with all those no-talent politicians at the steer…

Saw Day of the Dragon, The Demon Soul, a crappy-publisher-looking Warcraft Archive (all Warcraft canon), Queen of Blades (Starcraft canon?), Nova (Starcraft Ghost) and Cycle of Hatred (World of Warcraft) at MPH. Is tempting… But why on earth don’t they have War of the Ancients book 1? Is no point not starting off the reading with the Kaldorei backstory.

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