Rails refreshed

Posted by Jerry Sat, Oct 13 '07

I’ve noticed that my Typo blog has been slowing to a crawl these days, simply publishing a post or changing sidebar settings for the template took almost forever; Kexin noticed it when he was testing out comments too. A quick investigation turned out Typo has been hoarding a huge (and I mean almost a gigabyte huge) cache of every single GET/POST to the site, with 99.9% being things like this: (URLs censored to protect the guilty)

/var/www/typo/tmp/cache/META/META/ACTION_PARAM/ www.libcoffee.net/articles/permalink/blog_name=some_random_drug&day=27 &excerpt=http./www.xyz.com/pharmacy_stuff /var/www/typo/tmp/cache/META/META/ACTION_PARAM/ www.libcoffee.net/articles/permalink/blog_name=another_random_drug&day=27 &excerpt=http./www.xyz.com/drugs_and_more_drugs&month=06 &title=untitled#trackbacks ...

Repeated ad naseum for little blue pills, kitchen floor tiles and various unspeakables… no wonder Typo seemed so slow. Anyway, a quick purge of /tmp/cache seems to do the trick. Rails is fast now! (Sort of.) :P

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