End of semester anxiety

Posted by Jerry Sun, Oct 14 '07

Simplest way to describe my thoughts on not so far off future: .... (mind-numbing coding) !!#$%#@ (thesis is due) ???? (Future? What future?)

The advanced security project and report is due on Friday. The report shouldn't be that big a problem as the minimum word count is just 5000 words / 20 pages. spent an unproductive day poking around with PyGTK, got a basic GUI up and running with Glade and Python, wired together some signals, and still need to test them in Scratchbox. Left the labs half way while trying to implement the Kismet core, which hopefully I can finish by tomorrow. Afterwards need to work on GPS tracking and some minimum Bluetooth scanning... Guh, it's scary. Thesis? Let's not even go there. NICTA is probably getting ready to outsource the project to prospective summer scholarship students. :P

At least life has been mostly uneventful. A moment of Zen = figuring out how to compose a beautiful lambda construct in Python, while nibbling on a salty pretzel.

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