Busy busy...

Posted by Jerry Tue, Mar 13 '07

Woke up early, remembered bread had run out, downed microwaved meat pie and banana instead for breakfast (Extra fat and carbohydrates = more sugars to burn for brain juice!), wash down with coffee. Continued work on my annotated bibliography, due in a few hours for Research Methods. Tried poking around with LyX and BibTeX for generating IEEE-style references but eventually got stuck. Popped onto #ubuntu for ideas (Thanks, sipior!), but in the end couldn’t get anything working. Ended up printing my BibTeX list from LyX into PDF, manually type-copying them onto AbiWord because LaTeX doesn’t produce copyable text, and then re-pasting them back into LyX. Spent the last few two hours quickly finishing it up, panicking, ran off to the nearest university library (frickin’ 15 minutes) and finally sigh of relief upon submission…

And then in the evening noticed a bunch of mistakes.

Man, won’t it be super-exciting when I really start writing my thesis.

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