goes live!

Posted by Jerry Sat, Mar 17 '07

Finally got around to properly set up, woot! We have been on a static IP since we got ADSL going, and I have been planning to finally set up Aesir as a permanent server. It took me some time to figure out not to install my own DNS server and just signup for ZoneEdit, and a few tweaks to get Lighttpd accepting non-localhost requests… but yep, is now live. :D

Also received my Linksys WRT54GL router on Thursday after coming back from NICTA (that’s another story for another time :P), installed DD-WRT (almost panicked when the firmware upgrade didn’t work and the router wasn’t responding to pings, but fixed it afterwards. Phew!) and spent the rest of the day figuring out the best combination with my wireless router modem (Answer = PPPoE and firewall on the Netgear, DMZ to DD-WRT, QoS, DNS and DHCP on the DD-WRT).

To-do for the weekend:

  • Read through O’Reilly’s Essential SNMP. Will try writing a Python-SNMP browser later for our wireless mesh project.
  • Churn out 10 Google SoC proposals.
  • Try out RRDTool. Look for
    non-Perl bindings. What, learn Perl? God no… I want to keep my sanity
    intact this semester! Need rapid prototyping language for now.

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