Posted by Jerry Wed, Mar 28 '07

Some thoughts on Tomboy synchronization, mostly after looking up Conduit’s documentation:

  • Conduit’s fairly interesting. You have a platform, data sources (so that’s where I got the inspiration of this Tomboy idea from! Now it’s not original anymore. Need more thought. /frown) on one side, sinks on the other. There’s some interesting combinations going on, like Google Calendar to Hard Disk, F-Spot to Flickr. Me likes. :)
  • Cons: It only supplies a DBUS interface (or so it seems after clicking through some documentation?) and Evolution support isn’t complete. I’m not sure how well it’d work in a Networked Tomboy setup. It would likely be a better idea to use libedataserver first and then port it over when a global desktop synchronization service is available (Gnome 2.20? Not very near future?).
  • That being said, I’ve been having 2nd doubts about the data sources concept. Do we really want to reimplement Conduit’s wheel?

Remind self to start looking up how Evolution data management later.

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