Random Photos

Posted by Jerry Sat, Mar 31 '07

Feng and Wei are off to Sunshine Coast, so I’m generally free to spend the weekend alternating between procrastinating and attempting to get some Real Work done.

Took some photos of things lying around the place, for my own amusement:

A bunch of books I’ll probably be looking through for the next few weeks. Spotted the Qt book and grabbed it on a whim. Can’t keep going around as a Linuxer not knowing how Qt looks like. (Trolltech booth guy at career fair: “Are you good in Qt?” Me: “Er. Never used it before.” Booth guy raises eyebrows sympathetically. Me sidles off.)

Got these OpenWRT routers from NICTA on Thursday for my wireless mesh thesis research. With 5 routers in a small apartment, do I automagically qualify as a networking hardware geek?

A crack/dislocation on my aging laptop’s screen that appeared months ago. I hope it’s not going to get worse and destroy the LCD.

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