Backlog February '07

Posted by Jerry Thu, Mar 08 '07

Back from temporarily unofficial hiatus. Yes, yes, I know, should be keeping a habit of writing frequently and all. But sometimes habits do… slip. Or maybe I’ve just subconciously tagged blogging as too time consuming and mentally-retardant (offense to LiveJournal and emo-writers of the world not intended. Not entirely, anyway).

But I digress. This is, after all, a backlog post over the past month. So! A recap of events:

  1. Chinese New Year: Lots of ang pow, lots of food. Gained a little weight. I miss ba kua…
  2. Back in Brisbane! Moved into a new apartment unit down on Macquarie Street, almost next to the river. Nice, small and cozy. I think I’ll like this place.
  3. Starting my honours in BInfTech this year, wish me luck! Am signed up for 5 courses this semester (1 over the so-called 'recommended for sane people’ mark). This way I’d only have to do 3 in July, 1 course being the 'getting your act together and finally cranking out work’ part of my thesis… But, am crossing fingers and hope I’ll survive 'till June.
  4. Research Project: Did I mention I’ll be doing my thesis? I did. I’ll be working with my supervisor, Marius Portmann (great guy), and National ICT Australia on a wireless mesh networking research project. Currently I’ll be working on extending their monitoring tool, but who knows if it’ll change in the future. I’ll be reimbursed something like A$2000 because I can’t keep the IP (shame… won’t be patenting stuff anytime soon :p), with at least 1 weekly visit to their office in the city to play with their experimental grid. Might be fun, we’ll see.
  5. Other work: Will be doing website development with Yang and Chad. Tutoring Internet Information Systems 4 hours weekly (ok, not strictly tutoring per se… more like marking students on practicals :p). Google SoC's coming on soon, got to think of a bunch of really viable proposals (that won’t take up too much time and push me off the brink of sanity…) for OSS software. Maybe Gaim and Tomboy?
  6. Internet: Finally!! After 1 year and a half cousin finally agreed on getting and sharing a broadband account. No more stealing neighbours’ wifi internet access I guess. :p (I would argue that it’s technically not stealing but utilising publicly available resources... but that’s another topic.) Bid a Netgear DG834G off eBay, should be delivered and have ADSL installed anytime soon.

To-do List:

  1. Research: Read up on wireless mesh networking, routing protocols and Perl in general. (Man, I can’t believe I have to learn Perl. Let there be brain-fscking) Pick up bibliography and reading-list management along the way. Learn LaTeX, or derivation thereof.
  2. Watch list: Welcome to the NHK!, School Rumble 2nd Semester, Serial Experiments Lain. (and Heroes and Death Note when broadband is installed. Teh Anticeepayshen!!)

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