Maemo + GPS

Posted by Jerry Sat, Apr 14 '07

Was thinking about possible uses for the Nokia N800 Linux tablet recently, and had a short discussion with my cousin on utilizing Google Maps on it to compensate for lack of built-in GPS. We exchanged ideas on how it would work as a vehicle GPS system purely via WiFi… maybe overlaying a speech synthesis system (screen scraping + Festival would work) onto the Google Maps direction, and use the stylus to update the vehicle’s position on the map? (Could be done every few traffic stops or by a second passenger… but I imagine it would be a pain to use) And not to mention the lack of Wifi coverage in non-urban areas… Looks like it would still be better off if packaged with a GPS module.

And then what about software support? Neither the N800 nor the OpenMoko Neo1973, which does have GPS, are sold here, so they probably don’t have map software for this region. There are GPS software for Symbian, but it’s… well, Symbian. ;) I’ve been wondering if there’d be popular GPS devices on the Australian market use Linux… looks like TomTom does! Now I’m left wondering when we’ll see some Maemo/TomTom love anytime soon… :)

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