Posted by Jerry Sat, Apr 28 '07

MSN nick last weekend: “Jerry – ye olde arts of procrastination”, mostly doing nada, some guilty thesis research.

Monday: “Jerry – Haunted by deadlines // coding”, pounded on keyboard for Distributed Systems Elvin programming assignment.

Tuesday: “Jerry – Haunted by deadlines // reading”, started flipping through Spatial Database notes and speed-reading through first few chapters of library books.

Wednesday: “Jerry – Haunted by deadlines // researching”, furiously skimming through book and lecture PDFs, writing on LyX.

Thursday: “Jerry – Haunted by deadlines // 3am sprint!”, 3am: just chat with Fieran for ~2 hours, paper due in 12 hours, type dammit type! 3.30am: Sod it, I’m going to sleep. 9am: Woke up, wolfed down sandwich, 200mg caffeine, finished up last question, submission, woot!

Friday: Commented code a bit, due date is delayed so less rush, woot!

On the other hand, still on the Todos-hovering-malevolently-around-the-corner list:

  • Web programming for thesis
  • Start preparing on thesis seminar
  • Clean up submission for Elvin code
  • J2EE code for next Wednesday’s tutoring session
  • Start C coding for Advanced Networking assignment
  • More experiments on sleep-hacking (More on this soon. :))
  • Start cleaning up and publishing the ol’ Tomboy proposal, and aiming for GNOME 2.20!

Also, just watched Death Note 26 and 27. Holy crap, this story arc is going to be on a completely different level isn’t it?! Decided to go to AniDB page and change my old vote from 9 (the “Pretty Awesome” vote) to 10 (the “Frickin’ love it!!11” vote).

P.S – Just rolled my own Drivel 2.0.3 to work around the lighttpd + Expect HTTP header bug. Tried upgrading to lighttpd 1.5 (took some time to figure out how Debian packaging works) and running for the past few weeks, but for some reason PHP+fastcgi doesn’t send the MIME types properly = Firefox refuses to load Drupal test site CSS = ugly, and no Drupal testing. Now everything should be hunky dory. :)

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