Upgrading lighttpd

Posted by Jerry Tue, Apr 03 '07

I’ve been considerably annoyed with my blogging setup recently. Typo's create content page has a nifty preview box, which is a good idea, but refreshes way too frequently that it gets considerably hard to type with long blog posts (Solution: install Typo SVN), and Drivel is incompatible with lighty 1.4 because of a HTTP header bug (Solution: use BloGTK or upgrade lighty). On the other hand, BloGTK just reeks of not-so-good design, and lacks the GNOME usability touch in Drivel (Things that should work, should work. Solution: use Performancing/ScribeFire). Which, I did try, but it doesn’t support Typo categories properly… although that’s Typo’s fault of not properly implementing the MetaWeblog specifications (Solution: Don’t use Typo…). And no, I don’t feel like going back to Wordpress. :/

Finally decided that I’m going to try and upgrade Lighty to 1.5 preview. Looks like I’ll be needing those Gloves of +1 Compilation Success.

Edit: Accidentally borked my Typo setup this morning, while I found out the Typo 'database restore’ doesn’t work 100%... the hard way. Thank the Web2.0 deities for Rails development environments!

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