Which Programming Language are you?

Posted by Jerry Mon, Apr 30 '07

You are PHP.  You enjoy the World Wide Web.  You are constantly changing the way you do things, and this tends to confuse people who work with you.

Favorite question: “If you bumped into Paris Hilton at a party you would:”

  • Hit on her
  • Hit her (LOL)
  • Take a picture on my cell phone and send it to all your friends
  • Ask for her autograph
  • Wonder what hallucinogen you had just taken

'Tis a no-brainer; I’d suspect someone just fooled me into puffing a joint/poured a whole bottle of Vodka into the punch. xP

Now, it may or may not be a bad thing that I still haven’t learn PHP yet… nowadays mainstream languages like Java and C and .NET get all the attention that that’s all tertiary institutions ever teach. I’m not particularly keen on picking it up – don’t people complain about how ugly it is? (Myself, I prefer Python. Perfect mixture of OO-ness, whitespace and brackets) It is a pretty popular language in newspaper job listings over here though. Maybe sometime in the future when I decide to migrate to Drupal or Wordpress and learn by hacking bits and pieces onto the blog system. Where’s Boo, D, Erlang and Scheme anyway? I’m sure Bash and SQL would like a nibble of action as well. :P

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