Rediscovering laptop touchpads

Posted by Jerry Fri, Apr 06 '07

Ever since my old Creative mouse turned faulty (possibly by damaged copper causing intermittent shorts…) and started causing my Ubuntu to freakout and launching itself into a crazed stuttering fit every time I type, I’ve switched to touchpad-ing. Took some time getting used to, but eventually grew into it. Perhaps it’s just more natural for southpaws?

Anyway tickering around with Feisty’s settings lately I’ve noticed web pages seemed to jumped around randomly sometimes when I’m just moving my mouse. Then I realized I’ve accidentally enabled 'vertical scrolling’ in Synaptics… something I never knew exist after 5 years in possession of this machine! Dude – Human interface devices rock.

Please excuse the gunk.

As you can see, I’m also rediscovering how to draw on touchpads. It’s no Kit (the SXSW baby firefox mascot is drawn on a touchpad. Now that deserves the term 1337 h4×0r skillz), and I sucked playing Chick Chick Boom, but hey, I’m learnin’!

As a side note, this completely refreshed my perspective on touch-screen UIs. OpenMoko, the Qtopia Greenphone and the Nokia N-series (not the plain-Jane 2 digiters, I mean 770 and the especially geekalicious n800) are going to rock the industry hard.

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