Three Things I Learned about Software in University

Posted by Jerry Sat, Jun 30 '07

Spotted this on Reddit (many insightful and funny comments I’d relate to), so I thought I’ll hop in and make up a list. :) Not officially graduated yet, and don’t have enough experience in work or hobby programming to make up a “While not in college” list, so here’s my take on just the three things I learned about software in university:

  • On programming: Code flows out better at the time period between 3am and 7am in the morning. Bugs are solved better at the time period between 8am and 12am in the morning (after a good nap and caffeine beverage).
  • On code quality: Time and effort spent notwithstanding, there is always A Bug in the code. There are no exceptions, period. (Or more commonly put, “Bugs are a fact of life.”)
  • On peers: As a twist on the old joke – there are 10 types of people in the IT faculty. Those who “get it”, and those who don’t. And never will, or simply do not care enough to do so. Way over-quoted, but really very bluntly mirrors the kind of people you meet.
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