Posted by Jerry Fri, Oct 16 '09

Well, it certainly has been a while... The last post dates back to 2 years ago, which in internet time is A Very Long Time (tm) indeed. Can't remember why did my blog go on an almost indefinite hiatus - perhaps studying for my honours year exams (which I am glad to report went brilliantly well) as well as last minute hacking on my thesis (which was relatively underwhelming - I like my Advanced Security Project report a lot more due to topical interests... but I digress), and after that a fairly long period of WoW. Anyway, this post is not to reminisce about the past, but as a quick memory jog for myself... Meanwhile, I'll try not to Catcher-in-the-Rye -esque stream of consciousness rant too much. :P

So, for a very long time I've wanted to sit down, dump my Ruby on Rails blog (using Typo), and rewrite it with something. (I admit that my knowledge of Ruby/Rails only very barely skims the surface, so hosting one without understanding what it does was quite a peculiar experience which I suspect most true hackers would not endorse :P) I was severely tempted to just get a vanilla Wordpress install too, but that wouldn't have been a cool thing to do, of course. During April this year I've also no longer had my own server, which also meant went down for several months...

About a month ago on a Friday night with a very free weekend ahead, I decided to rewrite the site with Django until it matches functionalities, and then chuck it on Google App Engine for free hosting, so over the next 4 weeks of accumulated after-work hacking, I did. :) Technical details and source code will have to wait, but I'll chuck it on Github along with a detailed writeup later. (I promise.)

So, hi again blog. ただいま~!

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