July 1st

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jul 01 '09

Reposted from Tomboy Notes on 16 October 2009.

So. I've just decided to maintain a diary in Tomboy, as a sort of desktop blogging engine (actually, 'blog' without the 'b'). Plan for now is:

  • Re-enable the Note of the Day plugin
  • Write an entry every day after work
  • I suppose this may change after Snowy comes out, or if I actually bother to sit down and finish build Nii, but we'll see.

At this point, I'm starting to get rather annoyed by the annoyingly thick squiggly red lines from Tomboy/GTK's dictionary, however. But I digress.

Read an e-magazine, PragPub July 2009, written by the Pragmatic Programmers, with some articles on layoff prevention in the IT industry, as well as several tips on job-hunting/resume-building. Feeling HT is slowly wearing out my patience; guess it is precisely this branch in the fates where I start seeking greener pastures?

Tasks today:

  • Discussion on CVS to Subversion migration with Jim and Chee Hong. Don't look very good, damn bureaucracy. One can only blame the college factories churning out regular quality graduates.
  • Playing around with organizing and deploying Panton with Galileo/Glassfish v2. Failed, so gave up and just used Netbeans 6.7.
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