07 Jan '02

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 07 '02

Great…now i’ve started my own weblog. Sounds interesting enough. Watch out world! JerryC is gonna catch the world by suprise, stab it in the back, skewer it and eat it on a stick! Bwahahaahaha! (And you dang well bet i want fries with that.)
Today is a really rotten day. Eventually cut myself on the finger and never even noticed untill i realized that some of the things i’ve touched were smeared with oxihemoglobins. Got a bit late for work, no thanks to the buses, which never seemed to turn up when expected. After work i got so bored i had to vent my frustration by hanging out in a nearby mall, got even lonely when my friend which i asked to hang out was actually asleep, so had to kill time by strolling in the mall there all by myself. Boring. Anyway, got a chance to sample Creed’s latest album, Weathered. Not bad… but unfortunately heavy metal’s not my kind of taste. I’d prefer Matchbox Twenty and Vertical Horizon and 3 Doors Down above all others. Yep.

Eventually by chance i met some friends, whom one of them was an ex-tuition classmate, and another my best friend’s ex-crush. Ah well… ain’t the world kinda small? And yep, she’s just as cute as ever. Too bad my friend never made it with her. Ah well.

It’s really getting bored by the day. All my friends have either went overseas, or at least, over-state, whatever they call it. If i hadn’t been working and instead chose to stay at home i’d probably go nuts.

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