goes live!

Posted by Jerry Sat, Mar 17 '07

Finally got around to properly set up, woot! We have been on a static IP since we got ADSL going, and I have been planning to finally set up Aesir as a permanent server. It took me some time to figure out not to install my own DNS server and just signup for ZoneEdit, and a few tweaks to get Lighttpd accepting non-localhost requests… but yep, is now live. :D

Also received my Linksys WRT54GL router on Thursday after coming back from NICTA (that’s another story for another time :P), installed DD-WRT (almost panicked when the firmware upgrade didn’t work and the router wasn’t responding to pings, but fixed it afterwards. Phew!) and spent the rest of the day figuring out the best combination with my wireless router modem (Answer = PPPoE and firewall on the Netgear, DMZ to DD-WRT, QoS, DNS and DHCP on the DD-WRT).

To-do for the weekend:

  • Read through O’Reilly’s Essential SNMP. Will try writing a Python-SNMP browser later for our wireless mesh project.
  • Churn out 10 Google SoC proposals.
  • Try out RRDTool. Look for
    non-Perl bindings. What, learn Perl? God no… I want to keep my sanity
    intact this semester! Need rapid prototyping language for now.

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Busy busy...

Posted by Jerry Tue, Mar 13 '07

Woke up early, remembered bread had run out, downed microwaved meat pie and banana instead for breakfast (Extra fat and carbohydrates = more sugars to burn for brain juice!), wash down with coffee. Continued work on my annotated bibliography, due in a few hours for Research Methods. Tried poking around with LyX and BibTeX for generating IEEE-style references but eventually got stuck. Popped onto #ubuntu for ideas (Thanks, sipior!), but in the end couldn’t get anything working. Ended up printing my BibTeX list from LyX into PDF, manually type-copying them onto AbiWord because LaTeX doesn’t produce copyable text, and then re-pasting them back into LyX. Spent the last few two hours quickly finishing it up, panicking, ran off to the nearest university library (frickin’ 15 minutes) and finally sigh of relief upon submission…

And then in the evening noticed a bunch of mistakes.

Man, won’t it be super-exciting when I really start writing my thesis.

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Backlog February '07

Posted by Jerry Thu, Mar 08 '07

Back from temporarily unofficial hiatus. Yes, yes, I know, should be keeping a habit of writing frequently and all. But sometimes habits do… slip. Or maybe I’ve just subconciously tagged blogging as too time consuming and mentally-retardant (offense to LiveJournal and emo-writers of the world not intended. Not entirely, anyway).

But I digress. This is, after all, a backlog post over the past month. So! A recap of events:

  1. Chinese New Year: Lots of ang pow, lots of food. Gained a little weight. I miss ba kua…
  2. Back in Brisbane! Moved into a new apartment unit down on Macquarie Street, almost next to the river. Nice, small and cozy. I think I’ll like this place.
  3. Starting my honours in BInfTech this year, wish me luck! Am signed up for 5 courses this semester (1 over the so-called 'recommended for sane people’ mark). This way I’d only have to do 3 in July, 1 course being the 'getting your act together and finally cranking out work’ part of my thesis… But, am crossing fingers and hope I’ll survive 'till June.
  4. Research Project: Did I mention I’ll be doing my thesis? I did. I’ll be working with my supervisor, Marius Portmann (great guy), and National ICT Australia on a wireless mesh networking research project. Currently I’ll be working on extending their monitoring tool, but who knows if it’ll change in the future. I’ll be reimbursed something like A$2000 because I can’t keep the IP (shame… won’t be patenting stuff anytime soon :p), with at least 1 weekly visit to their office in the city to play with their experimental grid. Might be fun, we’ll see.
  5. Other work: Will be doing website development with Yang and Chad. Tutoring Internet Information Systems 4 hours weekly (ok, not strictly tutoring per se… more like marking students on practicals :p). Google SoC's coming on soon, got to think of a bunch of really viable proposals (that won’t take up too much time and push me off the brink of sanity…) for OSS software. Maybe Gaim and Tomboy?
  6. Internet: Finally!! After 1 year and a half cousin finally agreed on getting and sharing a broadband account. No more stealing neighbours’ wifi internet access I guess. :p (I would argue that it’s technically not stealing but utilising publicly available resources... but that’s another topic.) Bid a Netgear DG834G off eBay, should be delivered and have ADSL installed anytime soon.

To-do List:

  1. Research: Read up on wireless mesh networking, routing protocols and Perl in general. (Man, I can’t believe I have to learn Perl. Let there be brain-fscking) Pick up bibliography and reading-list management along the way. Learn LaTeX, or derivation thereof.
  2. Watch list: Welcome to the NHK!, School Rumble 2nd Semester, Serial Experiments Lain. (and Heroes and Death Note when broadband is installed. Teh Anticeepayshen!!)

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Posted by Jerry Sun, Jan 21 '07

Watched these movies over the past few days:

Memento – One of the best plot and editing I’ve seen in ages. Great watch.

The Devil Wears Prada – Yukito liked Anne Hathaway a lot, but eh, average entertaining movie.

Borat – Despite some scenes that were somewhat unnecessary and only proved to arseholize the Borat character (dinner etiquette, subway with chicken), pretty entertaining, almost insightful, good watch. Golden Globe was worth it.

Jackass Number 2 – Okay, some of the stunts were pretty awesome; I’d want to try the fire hose if I ever get the chance. :P But the rest of the movie, really… I think my IQ just dropped by a magnitude of 20 points. Fart joke, woohoo!

Swing Girls – Cute japanese schoolgirls + swing music + feel good theme = good watch :D

Still on my to-watch list: – Happy FeetThe World’s Fastest IndianFight ClubMonty Python and the Holy Grail
and Death Note 2 – The Last Name later this week with Yukito and Kelvin.

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I crave War... Craft

Posted by Jerry Mon, Jan 15 '07

Yay, I made a South Park pun. Man, I still remember last year’s summer break, where I spent 1 month hardly sleeping, only walking out of the house occasionally for classes and food, carpal tunnel, stiff backs and sore arses sitting on the floor hunching over my grimy ol’ laptop monotonously grinding for animal skins, dying, lagging (IronForge owns my laptop’s 8mb graphic card hard), raiding, wiping… And I miss my owl too. :|

Dang you Blizzard for making such a heart-renderingly addictive MMO! “I don’t think anyone realllly quits WoW.”, joked Davo. Indeed… after a whole year of not playing I still itch to log on to my Hunter again, but I didn’t have a stable enough permanent internet connection that would’ve been a necessity for any online game session that lasts at least 8 hours. And The Burning Crusade is coming out tomorrow too! Shame it got delayed… I could have been spending all my time procrastinating here rolling a Draenei. Sigh. :( Not that I could really complain though, I can imagine my CGPA if I had to divide time between course assignments, Project and WoWing. (shudder)

Gaah! BLOOD ELVES!! Must continue… resisting… temptation…

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