Posted by Jerry Fri, Oct 16 '09

Well, it certainly has been a while... The last post dates back to 2 years ago, which in internet time is A Very Long Time (tm) indeed. Can't remember why did my blog go on an almost indefinite hiatus - perhaps studying for my honours year exams (which I am glad to report went brilliantly well) as well as last minute hacking on my thesis (which was relatively underwhelming - I like my Advanced Security Project report a lot more due to topical interests... but I digress), and after that a fairly long period of WoW. Anyway, this post is not to reminisce about the past, but as a quick memory jog for myself... Meanwhile, I'll try not to Catcher-in-the-Rye -esque stream of consciousness rant too much. :P

So, for a very long time I've wanted to sit down, dump my Ruby on Rails blog (using Typo), and rewrite it with something. (I admit that my knowledge of Ruby/Rails only very barely skims the surface, so hosting one without understanding what it does was quite a peculiar experience which I suspect most true hackers would not endorse :P) I was severely tempted to just get a vanilla Wordpress install too, but that wouldn't have been a cool thing to do, of course. During April this year I've also no longer had my own server, which also meant went down for several months...

About a month ago on a Friday night with a very free weekend ahead, I decided to rewrite the site with Django until it matches functionalities, and then chuck it on Google App Engine for free hosting, so over the next 4 weeks of accumulated after-work hacking, I did. :) Technical details and source code will have to wait, but I'll chuck it on Github along with a detailed writeup later. (I promise.)

So, hi again blog. ただいま~!

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Backlog July 2nd

Posted by Jerry Fri, Jul 03 '09

Reposted from Tomboy Notes on 16 October 2009.

  • Long discussion with Chee Hong about version control, and the mess that is Panton's design and code organization. Curiously, he's quite eager to learn, but I can't vouch for the rest of the company. May have to write proposal and jump through hoops to convince them to properly version control to save themselves, but then, I'm not supposed to be Code Jesus am I?
  • Playing around with the new Gnome Do 0.8.2. Docks are still rather pointless without a 22" screen. Sorry Deskbar, but I'm removing you for the new kid on the block.

Going down to JB on Friday, so probably have to use Conboy for writing.

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July 1st

Posted by Jerry Wed, Jul 01 '09

Reposted from Tomboy Notes on 16 October 2009.

So. I've just decided to maintain a diary in Tomboy, as a sort of desktop blogging engine (actually, 'blog' without the 'b'). Plan for now is:

  • Re-enable the Note of the Day plugin
  • Write an entry every day after work
  • I suppose this may change after Snowy comes out, or if I actually bother to sit down and finish build Nii, but we'll see.

At this point, I'm starting to get rather annoyed by the annoyingly thick squiggly red lines from Tomboy/GTK's dictionary, however. But I digress.

Read an e-magazine, PragPub July 2009, written by the Pragmatic Programmers, with some articles on layoff prevention in the IT industry, as well as several tips on job-hunting/resume-building. Feeling HT is slowly wearing out my patience; guess it is precisely this branch in the fates where I start seeking greener pastures?

Tasks today:

  • Discussion on CVS to Subversion migration with Jim and Chee Hong. Don't look very good, damn bureaucracy. One can only blame the college factories churning out regular quality graduates.
  • Playing around with organizing and deploying Panton with Galileo/Glassfish v2. Failed, so gave up and just used Netbeans 6.7.
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End of semester anxiety

Posted by Jerry Sun, Oct 14 '07

Simplest way to describe my thoughts on not so far off future: .... (mind-numbing coding) !!#$%#@ (thesis is due) ???? (Future? What future?)

The advanced security project and report is due on Friday. The report shouldn't be that big a problem as the minimum word count is just 5000 words / 20 pages. spent an unproductive day poking around with PyGTK, got a basic GUI up and running with Glade and Python, wired together some signals, and still need to test them in Scratchbox. Left the labs half way while trying to implement the Kismet core, which hopefully I can finish by tomorrow. Afterwards need to work on GPS tracking and some minimum Bluetooth scanning... Guh, it's scary. Thesis? Let's not even go there. NICTA is probably getting ready to outsource the project to prospective summer scholarship students. :P

At least life has been mostly uneventful. A moment of Zen = figuring out how to compose a beautiful lambda construct in Python, while nibbling on a salty pretzel.

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Rails refreshed

Posted by Jerry Sat, Oct 13 '07

I’ve noticed that my Typo blog has been slowing to a crawl these days, simply publishing a post or changing sidebar settings for the template took almost forever; Kexin noticed it when he was testing out comments too. A quick investigation turned out Typo has been hoarding a huge (and I mean almost a gigabyte huge) cache of every single GET/POST to the site, with 99.9% being things like this: (URLs censored to protect the guilty)

/var/www/typo/tmp/cache/META/META/ACTION_PARAM/ &excerpt=http./ /var/www/typo/tmp/cache/META/META/ACTION_PARAM/ &excerpt=http./ &title=untitled#trackbacks ...

Repeated ad naseum for little blue pills, kitchen floor tiles and various unspeakables… no wonder Typo seemed so slow. Anyway, a quick purge of /tmp/cache seems to do the trick. Rails is fast now! (Sort of.) :P

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