Upgrading lighttpd

Posted by Jerry Tue, Apr 03 '07

I’ve been considerably annoyed with my blogging setup recently. Typo's create content page has a nifty preview box, which is a good idea, but refreshes way too frequently that it gets considerably hard to type with long blog posts (Solution: install Typo SVN), and Drivel is incompatible with lighty 1.4 because of a HTTP header bug (Solution: use BloGTK or upgrade lighty). On the other hand, BloGTK just reeks of not-so-good design, and lacks the GNOME usability touch in Drivel (Things that should work, should work. Solution: use Performancing/ScribeFire). Which, I did try, but it doesn’t support Typo categories properly… although that’s Typo’s fault of not properly implementing the MetaWeblog specifications (Solution: Don’t use Typo…). And no, I don’t feel like going back to Wordpress. :/

Finally decided that I’m going to try and upgrade Lighty to 1.5 preview. Looks like I’ll be needing those Gloves of +1 Compilation Success.

Edit: Accidentally borked my Typo setup this morning, while I found out the Typo 'database restore’ doesn’t work 100%... the hard way. Thank the Web2.0 deities for Rails development environments!

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Random Photos

Posted by Jerry Sat, Mar 31 '07

Feng and Wei are off to Sunshine Coast, so I’m generally free to spend the weekend alternating between procrastinating and attempting to get some Real Work done.

Took some photos of things lying around the place, for my own amusement:

A bunch of books I’ll probably be looking through for the next few weeks. Spotted the Qt book and grabbed it on a whim. Can’t keep going around as a Linuxer not knowing how Qt looks like. (Trolltech booth guy at career fair: “Are you good in Qt?” Me: “Er. Never used it before.” Booth guy raises eyebrows sympathetically. Me sidles off.)

Got these OpenWRT routers from NICTA on Thursday for my wireless mesh thesis research. With 5 routers in a small apartment, do I automagically qualify as a networking hardware geek?

A crack/dislocation on my aging laptop’s screen that appeared months ago. I hope it’s not going to get worse and destroy the LCD.

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Spooky Fortune Cookie

Posted by Jerry Fri, Mar 30 '07

Sitting down in front of my laptop after coming back from class, only to find Conky showing the fortune:

So you’re back… about time…

I wonder if my Feisty has been scheming on world domination while I’ve been away…

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SoC Anxiety Syndrome

Posted by Jerry Tue, Mar 27 '07

The good thing about hosting your own proposal during Google SoC ranking times is that you know when someone hits the page. It becomes hopelessly addictive. Hello Gnomers/Googlers, if you’re reading this! (waves)

The bad thing about hosting your own proposal during Google SoC ranking times as an article on Typo is that the visitors will have no way to leave comments after reading it (although reviewers probably wouldn’t go out of their way to leave comments for fairness sake…) and you have no way to know what kind of impression it left on them, yet anxiously hoping some kind soul would perhaps wander to the front page and point out the fatal error in your document that you’ve just happened to miss… I’m tempted to add a Meebo widget. And how about the occasional mystery visits with no http reference so it’s impossible to know where they’re coming from? Great Penguins, the suspense!! I know I’m going to lose sleep until mid-April. :(

And the deadline’s extended to Thursday 2am too. Must resist… temptation to write… more!

P.S – This will also be the first time in a few years I’ve pinged Petaling Street again. Be gentle, fellow Malaysians!

Edit – Oh yeah, and I blame anxiety for the blatantly obvious elementary-level typo. :S

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Evil things afoot?

Posted by Jerry Mon, Mar 26 '07

Twitchy left eye = impending misfortune. It’s an Old Chinese wives’ saying. I surely hope it’s completely unrelated to my thesis, or any of my Google Summer of Code stuff. Possibility of adding +1 Villain to personality aside, maybe I just need more vitamins. :|

Things to do this week:

  • Complete Python script that reads SNMP statistics from my router and dumps them into graphs.
  • Start work on coding assignments. C = lots and lots of hours running gdb and netcat, blargh.
  • Make final changes to any SoC proposals before 10am tomorrow. After considering my free time I’ve ended up only writing 2 proposals, both of them for Tomboy. Shame there isn’t a Winter of Code. :p

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